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What We Do


Khudra is a brand that believes in, and stands for exclusive quality over sheer quantity. It's a brand, which albeit being new, draws its roots from age-old principles. We thus offer you a most unique combination of trendsetting innovation with longstanding reliability. However, what sets us further apart from everything else on horizon is our firm belief in positively dissuading development merely for development's sake. We believe in sustainable development and community growth, as reflects in all our processes and practices.




In accordance with our philosophy, our mission is to establish a network enabling convenient access to products of hitherto niche, exclusive market.  Since the availability of such products is confined to select demographic and geographic hotspots, our mission is to provide for such products, a means, an establishment, which conveniently tackles all their obstacles in accessing the benefits of online retail chain and sales


As a brand, we strive towards pioneering collaborative development for the greater good of everyone involved at every level. We envision to be a brand which brings forth holistic development of the society by ensuring and channelling the growth of small scale production, cottage and handicraft industries. We aspire towards a heathier life and towards being part of green, sustainable ecosystem by encouraging and partaking in eco-friendly practices.

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Core Values

The core value of Khudra defines us, everything we stand for, and that we believe in. The tenets which represent our humble values are:
To encourage Sustainable development by promoting ang working with eco-friendly and environmentally conscious companies.
To influence growth, straight from the grassroot levels, by almost exclusively working with companies based off goods from handicraft and ground innovation industries.
To improve market standards by establishing availability for exquisite, artisan products for the modern, elite consumer who most surely has an appreciation for quality.

Scope of Work

Khudra is a third party service that guaranteed sales in FMCG(Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) sector. We deliberately choose, to work with the companies that are environmentally friendly and share our beliefs towards sustainable development. The companies we work with, more often than not, have unique products borne out of small-scale industries.
With our reliable and especially entrusted network of distributors and vendors, we continuously strive, to ensure to indubitably efficient sales of your products to the discerning customer, who now actively seeks out exclusive art amidst the multiple average-quality choices.

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